IVF Possibilities Plus Plan

In an effort to make IVF even more affordable to more people, The Center is now offering our IVF Possibilities PLUS program, which will provide increased savings to self-pay patients based upon economic need. Under the current plan, eligible patients pay one price for all cycle monitoring (blood work and ultrasounds), IVF Teach Class, egg retrieval, anesthesia for the egg retrieval, embryo transfer, ICSI (if appropriate, on all eggs retrieved), assisted hatching, embryo cryopreservation with one year of storage. The benefits of the plan reduce the overall cycle fees to the following amounts:

Combined Household Income Or Individual Cycle Fee(s)

Income range Cost of plan
<$75,000 $8,575 (IVF Possibilities Plus Plan)
$75,001 to $125,000 $9,975 (IVF Possibilities Plus Plan)
>$125,001 $11,475 (standard Possibilities Plan)

This Plus program offered at The Center is intended to be temporary; end date to be determined.

Possibilities Plus Plans (PDF)