Possibilities Plans for Self-Pay Patients

Access to the care you need.

Imagine the possibilities.

For patients who do not have insurance or have insurance but lack coverage for infertility services and are concerned about the costs of infertility services, The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services has many self-pay options to consider, including our new IVF Possibilities Plan Plus which will provide increased savings to self-pay patients based upon economic need. From new patient visits to completing an IVF cycle, our experienced financial counselors will help every step of the way.

We offer the following programs priced as a package of services, or Case Rates, so patients know what to expect financially before beginning their treatment plan. Below are Case Rate options that the patient and physician might consider over the spectrum of care from the diagnosis to treatment of infertility. A summary of these options can be downloaded here: Summary of Possibilities Plans

New Patient Options

  • New Patient Limited Consult (PDF)
  • New Patient Basic Assessment (PDF)
  • New Patient Full Assessment (PDF)
  • Possibilities Plan Case Rate Waiver (PDF)

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) options

  • Clomid IUI: Limited Monitoring (PDF)
  • Clomid IUI: Full Monitoring (PDF)
  • Stimulated IUI (gonadatropins): Full Monitoring (PDF)
  • Stimulated IUI (gonadatropins): Expanded Monitoring (PDF)

In Vitro Fertilization options

Gestational Carrier Options

  • Gestational Carrier (PDF)

*patients are enrolled in plan based on insurance status and MD recommendation