Dr. Engmann Speaks On Oncofertility

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Dr. Engmann recently spoke at a symposium to educate clinical health professionals on current oncofertility research protocols for fertility preservation in male and female cancer patients.

Cancer and its treatment have the ability to reduce or impair the person’s ability to have children. Despite this, fertility preservation options are not routinely presented to patients prior to the start of cancer treatment. In fact, sometimes a patient is never told about this possibility until they try to start having children and run into issues.

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services is a select member of the Oncofertility Research Consortium, an exclusive nationwide group of researchers who are dedicated to the advancement of technologies that will provide improved fertility preserving options to cancer patients with threatened fertility. This special membership allows for participation in and access to the latest clinical research, expanded knowledge of all issues related to cancer treatments and fertility, and to be on the forefront of discovering new technologies and methods that successfully preserve fertility.

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