Introducing the Fertility Wellness Visit

Interested in taking a peek at where you are in terms of your “fertility wellness?” The Center is offering a Fertility Wellness Visit. At this visit, you’ll learn more about your future potential to conceive and how to best set yourself up for future success.

When you come in for your Fertility Wellness Visit, you’ll meet with one of our providers. You’ll complete a brief fertility questionnaire, and you’ll have an AMH test. This is a simple blood test that measures Anti Mullerian Hormone, which helps to inform women about their potential to become pregnant now and in the future. You’ll also receive information on egg freezing, an important tool more and more women are using to take control of their fertility. The greatest benefit to egg freezing is that your eggs remain at the same age as when you froze them.

In about one week we’ll receive the results of your AMH test, and we’ll call you to discuss your results relative to the fertility questionnaire you completed and where you are in your life and family building plan.

Find out more today!  The Fertility Wellness Visit is FREE for the month of March!

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