Announcing Q2 Fertility Massage Therapy Grant Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered our Q2 2020 Fertility Massage Therapy Grant. This was a tough quarter of the year for everyone, with Covid causing uncertainty and obviously high levels of stress. We appreciate all of those who took the time to enter and have selected a patient from the Bristol area as this quarter’s winner whose story is below and who prefers to remain anonymous. She has, however, agreed to discuss her journey, including her losses, in the hopes they may help someone else in the process.

I really struggle with this question but I will give it a shot. I had a stillborn daughter in January 2006, and 2 more unsuccessful pregnancies by October 2008, and then in 2009 another miscarriage. Needless to say, those were really traumatizing years. All the losses were in the second trimester and after years of being treated, I finally had some answers. Testing showed it was all because of an incompetent cervix. So, fast forward a few years later and 2 more miscarriages and 2 failed cervical cerclages I found information about a TAC (Transabdominal Cerclage). I hoped this was going to be the answer to all my problems. In 2018 my ObGyn (my sweet angel) successfully placed an abdominal band (a few actually for security) on my abdomen and BAM!!! We hope that I can get pregnant. 

At this point, I was with a different partner and he went through the TAC surgery with me and we used protection because we weren’t ready for a baby. Around early 2019 he and I moved in together and started not to use protection and try to see if we could have a baby. Well, months and months went by, and nothing. I had an appointment with my ObGyn and asked to have my tubes checked and have my fiancées sperm tested and that’s how we ended up at the Center. After testing we learned his sperm isn’t very good and I probably have some other issues now too. Oh, and during my TAC surgery, they removed some pretty good-sized fibroids. Also during my fallopian tube and uterus check, they found some more fibroids. 

I wish I was more excited but I am very exhausted. This has also caused me to gain a little weight and the COVID probably has some play in that as well. I recently found a huge patch of loss hair and my ObGyn believes I didn’t ovulate this last month because my cycle is usually 29-33 days and it went 48 days this month. It scared me, especially because when I finally got my period today it was unusually heavy for almost 24 hours, out of control heavy, and just like that it is almost gone. Very weird. 

I think my body could use some relaxing because all of this has been stressing me out a bit. I’ve struggled with depression in the past and it has been difficult being quarantined but I am definitely more than ready to go through these procedures and see if I and my partner can have a live healthy pregnancy and baby (actually I’m terrified and nervous and totally freaking out but I have to speak my peace into existence so I have to work on that). I think this would help me mentally and physically get prepared and motivated for this journey we are getting ready to embark on in August. 

Sorry, I am so long-winded but I definitely gave you the super short version. Thank you for your time and I hope you choose me for a massage. I hope none of this makes you sad because I am ok. I refrain from sharing sometimes because of how people react but I truly am ok and I am glad to be in your care here at The Center. Thank you and God Bless.