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The Need for an Egg Donor Does Not Discriminate

Ovarian failure and the need for utilization of an egg donor do not discriminate. It is actually something that unites women. Every race, color, ethnicity, religion is affected. Women need to grieve the loss of their own genetic connection, but in a lot of cases, especially with our black, brown and Asian populations, they also have to grieve the loss of their very specific heritage, and often are left to look for someone who is “close to what they want”. It adds to the list of losses they are already grieving.

Historically, in certain ethnic populations, donating and receiving donor oocytes is frowned upon by society. Our hope is that our new generation of young people will help to break that barrier. Donation is a gift to others, a gift to themselves as the feelings associated with the gift of life is empowering, and it is a gift to their own specific ethnic communities.

Are you interested in finding out more? There are strict requirements to become an egg donor, including being between 21 and 32, a non-smoker. You must know the complete medical history of both your biological parents. In addition, there are BMI requirements. Egg donors are compensated $8,000 for their time and effort during the screening & donation process. For more information on becoming an egg donor, please visit our egg donation website at or call 860.321.7082 EXT 8022.


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