The Center’s Staff

Nursing Staff

The nursing staff is comprised of a team of experienced professionals with specialized education in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Nursing. They are dedicated and compassionate professionals who understand the stresses of infertility treatment and the importance of emotional support, a helping hand, and being available to the patient by telephone for follow-up and discussion.

Under the guidance of a Center physician, our nurses implement and coordinate medical treatment and patient care, including providing direct care, specific clinical procedures, conducting classes for treatment plans including medication preparation and administration, and coordinating care with other professional disciplines. All and are skilled clinicians, educators, and researchers.

Laboratory Staff

Considering the delicate nature and the importance of the procedures involved, the skill and experience of the embryologists are critical factors to success. You will want to work with a team, like ours, that has extensive experience. The experts who work in our IVF lab offer over 150 years of collective experience. We have an on-site MD who serves as the high complexity lab director [HCLD] and an additional Phd Candidate/Senior Embryologist who functions as the Director, Lab Operations. Plus we have 2 other embryologist PhDs on site performing embryology and research activities. In our IVF laboratory, our dedicated team offers the education, expertise, and commitment to academics and research needed to help you achieve your dream. (View profiles of our laboratory staff here.)

Administrative Staff

The administrative team serves as a support group between physicians and clinical staff and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the practice. This professional and friendly staff is always available to help, from coordinating appointments to investigating insurance benefits. Whatever the need, they are there to support the patient through the winding road of infertility to a most positive outcome.

We’re so proud of our team. Please take a minute to get to know them by going over to our Video Library and selecting "About the Center" videos.