Patient Experiences

“I want to inspire people. I want people to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up.” So many of our patients and their families are speaking up and talking about their fertility journeys. In this beautiful video, the Boudo family shares their fertility story in the hopes it will give others strength and be encouraged.

Many of our patients and their families have been on news programs sharing their stories. Here are just a few:

“We’re talking babies…and lots of them!” BetterCT talks to Janine, Peter, their daughter Ella and their son Channing as well as Kelly, Derek and their twins Teagan and Camden.

“We’re sitting here with miracles!” Kristen Ritchie, her son, Nolan and the Beaudoins (Barbara, Jerry and twin boys Michael and Alex) talk to BetterCT about their fertility journeys. Featuring Dr. David Schmidt.

The path to motherhood is different for everyone, but the love and affection are always the same. Dr. John Nulsen from the Center was featured on Connecticut Spotlight along with Nicole Charles, one of our wonderful patients.

Building families through shared conception: Lindsay and Katie talk about their experience.

Infertility, Loss and Love…with the Dunns