A Peak Behind the Curtain

A Peak Behind the Curtain: What Happens in the IVF Embryology Lab?
Wednesday, April 24, 6:30-8:30 PM

A talk led by one of The Center’s senior embryologists who will discuss the process and techniques utilized in the IVF embryology including ICSI, PGS and other advanced reproductive technologies.

About Darlene Davies, BS TS, Senior Embryologist
Started her career in Boston at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, continued at Fertility Centers of New England and has been with CARS for 4 years now. Darlene has incorporated her studies in nutrition with her research, looking at BMI and IVF success. Over her 15 year career, she has presented at numerous scientific meetings locally and internationally such as Alpha, ASRM, NEFS, RESOLVE and The Foundation for Reproductive Medicine. She has published articles in Alpha Scientists in Reproductive Medicine and OBGYN News. Because Darlene has such a passion for embryology, in her spare time she has written blogs related to IVF and attends as many scientific meetings as she can. Darlene is constantly looking for ways to improve success in Embryology and working towards streamlining the workflow of the IVF Lab.

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