Compensated IVF Study: CLARA

IVF is expensive. We have partnered with Ferring Pharmaceuticals in a clinical drug trial offering a compensated IVF cycle including IVF medications. We are looking for participants. If you meet the initial criteria below, please tell your doctor that you are interested in the CLARA study.

  1.  Age 18-42
  2. Premenopausal
  3. Body mass index (BMI) between 17.5 and 38.0 kg/m2
  4. Documented history of infertility for at least twelve months if <35 years or six months if >35 years
  5. Regular menstrual cycles at 24-35 day interval
  6. A maximum of two previous ovarian controlled stimulation cycles (IVF/ICSI)
  7. Willing to accept single blastocyst transfer
  8. Willing to utilize Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  9. Willing to attend all appointments and participate with follow-up phone calls

If you feel you meet these criteria and are interested in learning more, we are happy to talk to you at your next visit.

For a full list of eligibility criteria, visit and search ‘CLARA’ and ‘Ferring.’ You can also contact Scott, our Clinical Research Manager, at