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Fertility Massage Therapy

Fertility massage therapy is designed to enhance potential conception while nurturing and relaxing body and mind. Whether you are using this to support assisted reproductive technologies, intending to start family building soon, or are currently trying to conceive, this time together can be extremely nurturing and supporting.

How fertility massage therapy begins
Carissa Spada, LMT will be your fertility massage provider. The first session starts with an in-depth review of your fertility history and current lifestyle. This discussion will address any ways in which your fertility massage session will be altered to best serve you as well as to address any lifestyle changes or support that can be done at home.

Visualizing a session
Once on the massage table, you will receive a warm and relaxing abdominal castor oil pack to aid in digestion and possibly reduce adhesions and scar tissue. Cranial sacral holds along with guided visualizations follow to help balance cranial sacral fluids and allow for you to tune into your body’s innate ability to heal and open the energetic channels for conception. Therapeutic neck and shoulder massage follow to elicit even deeper relaxation. Specific acupressure points and meridian holds will be used to continue this journey of supporting your body towards your goal. A specific reflexology protocol is used to support hormone balance and stimulate reproductive organs. Deep external pelvic work is used to increase blood flow to the reproductive areas. Abdominal massage is also performed to increase and support digestion near the completion of your session.

Sessions run between 1.5 hours and 2 hours in length. Please plan for two hours when booking. Sessions can only take place between the end of menstruation and before ovulation. Traditional Swedish massage sessions can be scheduled at any time.

Special Promotion for Our Patients: We are pleased to announce that Carissa will provide a discount to patients of the Center. 
Session Fees(2021 rates)
$150 for Non-Center Patients
$130 for Center Patients

For more information on this program, and to book your sessions, please contact Carissa at [email protected].

About Carissa Spada
Carissa Spada, LMT is a Nurturing the Mother® Certified Fertility Massage Specialist. She is also a former fertility patient of the Center and leads the Center’s Fertility Community Yoga program. She has practiced massage therapy for over 15 years, as well as taught yoga and graduated from the Bloom School Life Mastery Coaching Program, helping others through coaching for over ten years.