Fertility Massage Therapy Grant

Our goal at the Center has always been to find ways to help people afford fertility treatment. This includes services that can add great value to the experience, such as Fertility Massage Therapy. We are pleased to announce we are offering a grant for two sessions to one individual per quarter.

How the Grant Works
Each quarter during 2020, we will open up our application process for those interested in submitting for the grant. Submissions can come directly from an individual who finds that this experience would be valuable to them. You may or may not be a patient of the Center. Or, submissions can come from anyone wishing to nominate someone so as to possibly give a gift to them.

Application Process
Where are you in your infertility journey? What obstacles have you had to overcome? What have you learned along the way? Why do you wish to receive Fertility Massage Therapy? What do you think it will bring to your life? In your application, tell us why you want to apply for this grant.

And if you are nominating someone else, please answer what you have witnessed in their journey. What have you observed? What have you seen them overcome? Why do you wish that they receive this service?

Frequently Asked Questions
Recipient Criteria: There will be one grant recipient per quarter in 2020, for a total of four grant recipients this year. The recipient of the grant does not need to be a patient of the Center at the time the nomination is made.

Judging: An evaluation committee will review all completed grant applications and make all decisions regarding the grant recipient.

Timing: The grant window will close at the end of the second month of each quarter. At that time, the evaluation panel will review all applicant’s submissions and will notify the individual selected for the grant (or the individual nominating) by the end of the third month of the quarter.

Award: The grant recipient will receive two sessions with Carissa Spada, LMT for Fertility Massage Therapy as described on the Fertility Massage Therapy page.

The 2020 Q4 Grant Application is Now Open

Our Q4 entry period is now open for submissions. We will announce the grant recipient after the end of the quarter.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Why are you applying for this grant? Why do you think fertility massage will help you? What are your experiences that led you to applying for this grant?
  • If you are nominating someone else for this grant, please provide their name