Archived Webinars

Thank you to everyone who has attended our webinars. To make it easy for those who could not attend the webinars “live”, we will archive each webinar immediately after each event.

Note:  These webinars use Microsoft Silverlight, which may not be compatible with Google Chrome.

Webinar: Stress and Fertility  – Dr. Jacob October 2012

Infertility and fertility treatments are stressful…not much doubt about that!  This webinar will focus on techniques to manage the stress instead of having the stress manage you.

Webinar: Egg Freezing  – Dr. Benadiva August 2012

This fertility seminar focuses on fertility preservation through egg freezing. This unique program can benefit women who either want to delay conception for personal reasons or for women who have medical emergencies that may impact their ability to conceive.

Webinar: All You Need to Know About IVF – Dr. Schmidt May 2012

This fertility seminar is designed for patients who are interested in in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The program will cover all aspects of IVF. Highlights include indications for IVF, fertility medications, ovarian stimulation, retrieval, transfer, ICSI, embryo development and cryo preservation.

Webinar: Fertility Facts – Dr. Nulsen March 2012

This fertility seminar is designed to give you the facts about fertility.