LGBTQ Family Building Symposia

You’re invited to attend our LGBTQ Family Building Symposia

Date:  Wednesday, June 20
Time:  6:00-7:30 pm
Place:  The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, 2 Batterson Park Rd, Farmington
Light food and beverages

Come hear from our experts in the field of LGBTQ Family Building. Learn about clinical options, costs and hear from real patients who have gone through the process.

Since 2006 when the Center began tracking LGBTQ patients as a distinct demographic, over 300 LGBTQ individuals and couples have been seen and over 175 babies have been born to LGBTQ families. In 1988, the Center was one of the first fertility programs in New England to operate an internal sperm bank. Since 1983 the Center has been responsible for over 12,000 live births. By applying reasonable matrixes, we would estimate the actual number of babies born to LGBTQ individuals and couples since the beginning of our program to actually exceed 1500!

The Center is an organization committed to equality and diversity. We have been avid supporters of both the New Haven and Hartford Pride celebrations as well as the Hartford Health Gay and Lesbian Collective’s annual One Big Event. We are proud to employ a number of openly gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals.

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