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If you could ask us anything, what would you want to know? Wondering about how acupuncture impacts fertility? How about what’s the best age to freeze your eggs? How accurate is PGT-A? Does stress affect egg quality? Block out Wednesdays at 12:30 for our FB Live series covering a wide range of topics. Each week we will assign a topic. That week’s host will briefly discuss the issue and open the conversation.

Here’s what’s coming up

Date Topic Host
9/23 PCOS Dr. Claudio Benadiva
9/30 Acupuncture Helen Bet Givargis
10/7 When do I need to see a specialist? Dr. John Nulsen
10/14 New patient visit Dr. David Schmidt
10/21 Financial Counseling Christine Guarda
10/28 LGBTQ Care at the Center Kathy Paniati
11/4 Egg Freezing Dr. Andrea DiLuigi
11/11 Fertility Surgery Dr. Dan Grow
11/18 Diagnostic testing Dr. Lawrence Engmann
12/2 PGT Dr. Claudio Benadiva
12/9 Blastocyst vs. Day 3 Alison Bartolucci, PhD
12/16 Coping Kim Crone, PhD
1/6 Fertility Massage Carissa Spada



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When it’s time for the Live, just go to our page and you’ll see the video at the top of the page.

Missed a live stream? It will likely be available for another 24 hours after the stream ended. After that, check our YouTube channel. Plus, we’ll have each video in our Video Library on our website for easy reference.