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As the field of fertility is ever-changing with advancements happening continuously, The Center offers a variety of seminars and other special events to keep our patients up to date. We do hold regularly scheduled events during the year including programs such as egg freezing seminars, free fertility testing, yoga workshops, support, and acupuncture. For the most updated list, please like our Facebook page.

For the latest information on the Covid-19/Coronavirus, please go here.


Schedule Your Virtual Fertility Visit

Working from home? Now you can get your fertility care started from home too. Introducing Virtual Fertility Visits. All of our physicians are maintaining full clinic schedules and meeting with clients “virtually” either by phone or video conferencing, eliminating all social distancing concerns. Be ready to proceed once the immediate crisis is over. Call us to make an appointment, or fill out this form on our website.  Looking forward to “meeting” with you!

Introducing Fertility Massage Therapy and our Quarterly Grant

Our goal at the Center has always been to find ways to help people afford fertility treatment. This includes services that can add great value to the experience, such as Fertility Massage Therapy. We are pleased to announce we are offering a grant for two sessions to one individual per quarter. Please click this link to find out more about Fertility Massage Therapy and our Grant program.

Introducing the Fertility Wellness Visit

Interested in taking a peek at where you are in terms of your “fertility wellness?” The Center offers a Fertility Wellness Visit. At this visit, you’ll learn more about your future potential to conceive and how to best set yourself up for future success.

During your Fertility Wellness Visit, you’ll talk with one of our providers. You’ll complete a brief fertility questionnaire, and you’ll have an AMH test. This is a simple blood test that measures Anti Mullerian Hormone, which helps to inform women about their potential to become pregnant now and in the future. You’ll also receive information on egg freezing, an important tool more and more women are using to take control of their fertility. The greatest benefit to egg freezing is that your eggs remain at the same age as when you froze them.

In about one week we’ll receive the results of your AMH test, and we’ll call you to discuss your results relative to the fertility questionnaire you completed and where you are in your life and family building plan. Please click this link to obtain more information on the Fertility Wellness Visit.


Important:  All of our events are currently on hold. Please monitor this website and our social media channels for information as it becomes available.

What to Expect Now That You’re Expecting: Pregnancy after Infertility and/or Loss
(currently on hold)

Speaker:  Desirae Whittle, CD (DONA). Owner, Harmony Births Doula Services, Birth Doula, Infertility Warrior
Desirae is a birth doula who specialized in infertility and loss. A doula is a licensed professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. In conjunction with her doula training, Desirae also has a unique perspective: she went through infertility herself and conceived her daughter through IVF. She understands the unique needs of women who are pregnant after infertility and loss.

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Other Topical News

Concerns about the Zika virus as relates to pregnancy is certainly top of mind. For more information, click here. For the latest updates from the CDC, click on this link.

As experts in the field, our medical staff is also asked to make frequent appearances at speaking engagements, conferences and other learning and teaching opportunities to educate the public at large. Check out the navigation at left to access the most recent news articles and television appearances featuring our physicians and staff. To contact the Center for any news or event requests, please call (844) HOPEIVF.