Time Out! Couples Session

Time Out!!!
Friday, April 26, 6:30-8:30 PM.

Join us for this fun and relaxing event just for couples! We understand how challenging this journey can be and want to give you an opportunity to spend time together focusing on the special bond that is unique to the two of you. Our Time Out! will be for the two of you to connect, have fun, laugh and relax! Our time together includes giving each other a guided light facial massage, playful and easy partner stretches, time to talk and listen with enjoyable and comfortable relating exercises and so much more! Enjoy delicious refreshments too! You will go home feeling reconnected and rejuvenated. There is no group sharing of any kind…this is a comfortable time for just the two of you. This event is open to all Center patients as well as any couple currently struggling with infertility. Whether you are the “dragger” or “dragee” be sure to join us! Everyone is ALWAYS so happy they did! It’s time for Time Out for the two of you!

About Carissa Spada
Has taught yoga for 17 years, practiced massage therapy for 15 years, and is a graduate of the Bloom School Life Mastery Coaching program. She is also a former fertility patient has two daughters as a result of IVF. While finding grace and ease can feel elusive, her yoga practice, study of yogic principles, and coaching training have allowed her to navigate through challenging life experiences. She has experienced the powerful depths of grief and the amazing joy that this journey called life brings to all of us. A weight loss of 90 pounds started a wellness journey 20 years ago that has only continued to grow, expand and provide support. It is this passion of holistic wellness that she is called to share with others.

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