Egg Freezing Program

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services takes pride in offering the latest state of the art technologies to our patients. One very recent example of this is the growing demand for preserving women’s fertility through egg freezing. Egg freezing is an exciting technology that allows women to store frozen, unfertilized eggs that can be used for fertilization and pregnancy at a later time.

Egg freezing benefits women in several ways. Egg supply and egg quality diminish as women age. Egg freezing allows women to store their eggs at a younger age for future use. Another benefit is that instead of storing embryos, this new process eliminates some of the ethical and religious concerns that accompany embryo freezing, storage, and disposal.

This unique program can benefit women who either want to delay conception for personal reasons or for women who have medical emergencies that may impact their ability to conceive. Women who have been diagnosed with cancer, for example, can undergo certain treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation that may cause early menopause, infertility, and other reproductive problems.

How the process works
During the egg freezing process, eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovaries, frozen in a cryoprotective solution, and then thawed when she wishes to become pregnant. The thawed eggs are then warmed and fertilized through a process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).


The process includes taking fertility drugs that will help stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs. The eggs are harvested by using a small needle inserted under ultrasound guidance into the vagina to reach the ovaries and aspirate the eggs out. Patients are asleep during this short outpatient procedure and then can go home the same day. These eggs then are immersed in a special cryoprotective solution and frozen in a liquid nitrogen tank that is stored in our IVF laboratory until they are ready to be fertilized to initiate a pregnancy.

While egg freezing is a new procedure to many, our doctors and embryologists here at The Center have been perfecting the egg freezing and thawing process through extensive clinical trials. In fact, The Center is proud to offer egg freezing only after having demonstrated measurable success during an IRB approved clinical trial.

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