Dealing with fertility issues can be tough. We want to support you in all possible ways. We offer many individual and group solutions that can help overcome fertility obstacles, provide relief from emotional stress, and support and guide you on making the best decisions for treatment. Below are our currently available services. Click here to download the flyer.

Kim Crone, PhD

Individual Support

The Center’s highly trained psychologist, Kim Crone, PhD, helps our patients cope with the stresses of infertility and better deal with emotional, ethical and legal issues through education as well as mind-body cognitive-behavioral counseling. Her services are available at the Center by appointment. Call 844-467-3483.  More information on these services is available here.

Virtual Peer Support Groups

The Center is committed to providing in-person and/or peer support and is proud to have been hosting Resolve New England peer support groups for nearly 30 years.

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been unable to hold our in-person Resolve New England peer support groups. However, Resolve New England is offering groups focused on primary infertility and groups focused on specific topics via zoom. Click here for more information on Resolve New England groups.

In addition, through the month of April, we are offering free virtual peer support groups managed and facilitated by Ami Chokshi, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Ami is an experienced live group facilitator having facilitated the Resolve New England live peer support group at the Center for many years. She is also a former fertility patient.

What is a Peer Support Group?

Ami Chokshi, MBA, NBC-HWC

Our peer support groups–open to women and men, individuals and couples–provide an opportunity for open discussion where you can come together and meet others who are facing similar challenges in a relaxed and confidential setting. Discussion at our general infertility groups may include talking about current treatment, dealing with friends and family, and coping strategies. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been in the trenches for years, attendees from all stages of the infertility journey will be warmly welcomed.

The Center Virtual Peer Support 2021 Schedule and Registration

During the month of April, we will be holding virtual support groups on Tuesday, April 6th and Thursday, April 22nd, at 7 PM. Registration is requested so that we can send you the appropriate links to the virtual session.

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In-Person Support Groups

Branford in-person support groups are currently on hold. Stay tuned.