LGBTQ Program

Family Building for Gays and Lesbians


Here at The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, we know that there are many different paths to parenthood. We know because we help build families every day. We also know that the fertility options and issues facing gays and lesbians are different from others wishing to become parents. There are legal, financial and ethical obstacles that need special attention and knowledge to overcome. Various medical procedures also have benefits and risks that need to be understood. That’s why, here at The Center, we offer the very best in comprehensive and personalized care.

The fertility options for third party reproduction have grown over the years. Gay and lesbian individuals and couples now have choices that include not only adopted children, but genetically related children, as well. Females, depending on their health and age, can use advanced technologies such as sperm donation with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), shared conception, egg donation and egg or embryo freezing to achieve a pregnancy. Males, depending on their sperm quality and surrogacy options, can use technologies like artificial insemination, IVF, egg donation, and gestational carriers.

All of these techniques have been used extensively here at The Center and our experts can help patients determine what is best for their particular situation. In addition to the range of advanced medical technologies we offer, we can also guarantee the highest level of skill and expertise in successfully using them. We are experts in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility and have been nationally recognized for our success, compassion and commitment.