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Thank you for your interest in employment at The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services (The Center).

With a diverse workforce of approximately 100 full and part-time employees, the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services has nearly four decades of experience treating fertility patients and we are very proud of our success. As a Center employee you will enjoy:

Career Opportunities

Open Positions

If interested in any of these positions, please send resume and cover letter to Brian Miller at [email protected]


Position: Clinical Nurse

Responsible To: Director of Clinical Operations, The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services (CARS)

Medical Director, CARS


Position Description: Clinical Nursing Positions at CARS are responsible for the clinical performance and evaluation of nursing care to patients/families seeking advanced reproductive services including general clinical, ARTS/IVF, research or float RN assignments.

Core Functions and Responsibilities


•Provides comprehensive patient education and teaching for the purpose of promoting optimal patient health, well being, compliance and outcome.

•Develops/ensures availability of appropriate patient education programs and materials.

•Develops/participates in community education programs as appropriate, to meet patient/center/community needs and or requests.

•Participates in staff development, intradepartmental in-services, and nursing orientation programs.

•Acclimates house staff, medical, nursing and medical assistants to clinical services.


•Assesses psychological and emotional needs of patients, implements and evaluates appropriate nursing interventions and referrals.

•Participates in interdisciplinary case management counseling to patients undergoing ARTs treatments, including patient options, alternatives and informed consent.

Clinical Practice

Planning and Management
•Provides primary nursing care support to ARTs provider. Includes patient intake, assessment, program orientation, and overview, coordination of interdisciplinary services, formulation/coordination/implementation of treatment plan and follow up.

•Documents in medical record/EMR and ensures that all appropriate consents are properly executed.

•Maintains appropriate documentation for QA, Performance Improvement and Compliance monitors.

•Fulfills clinical and administrative compliance regulatory requirements.

•Works collaboratively with billing agents/FSRs to obtain appropriate pre-certifications for infertility procedures.


•Orders diagnostic testing in accordance with well-established protocols.

•Provides screening examinations and evaluates results

•Implements protocols for specialized therapeutic interventions (such as emergency interventional medications).

•Participates in clinical needs assessment of patients e.g., lab results, ultrasounds, hyperstimulation, ectopic pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, etc. and implements appropriate response.

•Provides explanation of medical/nursing procedures and ensures appropriate patient education and physical and emotional support during procedures.

•Assists physician with physical exams and procedures.

•Performs specific procedures e.g., inseminations, transvaginal ultrasounds, and other appropriate procedures as per protocol and within nursing scope of practice.

•Provides appropriate nursing/medical clinical instructions and assistance with patient follow-up, including laboratory results, medication adjustments, pregnancy adaptation and transition.

•Triages patient’s calls and provides appropriate follow-up and resolution.

•Provides patient instruction, teaching and/or administration for necessary treatments/medications.

•Coordinates patient care with satellite/portal locations as needed.

•Actively participates in collaborative ARTs/clinical team meetings for the purposes of assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating daily patient care plans with consideration for ethical and risk management concerns

•Cross-trains to unit areas as requested and required.

•Provides a safe and clean working environment.

•Ensures/maintains availability of supplies and equipment necessary for patient care services.


•Participates in the research process as appropriate, e.g., consenting, problem identification, screening, data collection, protocol compliance and documentation per regulatory and clinical requirements.

•Community outreach, on behalf of The Center, as available and assigned.

Professional Nursing Development

•Participates in development of nursing policies and standards of care including policies, procedures and protocols, QA and Performance Improvement monitors.

•Participates in monitoring and evaluation functions of QA and Performance Improvement activities.

•Responsible for maintaining compliance with nursing/medical standards of care.

•Actively participates in staff meetings and other appropriate forums for the purposes of improved interdisciplinary cooperation, nursing care, and the identification and communication of nursing practice issues and concerns with appropriate follow-up.

•Demonstrates responsibility for personal professional growth and development through participation in appropriate educational activities.

•Actively participates in the strategic planning process for the purpose of developing and implementing nursing goals and objectives.

•Performs selected administrative duties as appropriate and as requested.

Education and Experience


•Current licensure. State of Connecticut required.

•Minimum of 1-2 years clinical experience as licensed RN

•Excellent Interpersonal Skills

•Effective written and oral communication skills

•Ability to multitask and focus on details

•Ability to commute easily between Farmington and other satellite/outreach offices as needed.


•Reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) and/or IVF experience

•Labor and delivery experience/ambulatory surgery with care of the anesthetized adult patient

•Phlebotomy skills

•IV start skills



•Patients, families, physicians, nurses, researchers, administrative personnel, other health care members and the community.

Work Characteristics

•Frequently physical demands from walking and standing.

•May be exposed to infectious diseases, waste, other body waste, bodily fluids, and discharges.

•Frequently exposed to highly pressurized, emotional environment.

•Strength and stamina, lifting/pushing/pulling sufficient for the effective performance of duties.

Work Variable

•Expected to work/take call weekends, holidays and /or evenings to meet patient needs and schedule demands.

Work Schedule

•Variable. Mostly M-F. Flexibility needed based upon clinical and patient care needs including weekends, holidays and evenings.


1.0 FTE Float Position

80% REI Clinic Nurse in Farmington office

20% OR/PACU Nurse in Farmington office

Date: November 8, 2022

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services (The Center) is seeking a full time RN to meet he needs of its growing program primarily for its Farmington location. This is an excellent opportunity for dynamic and motivated RNs to work in a comprehensive state-of-the-art infertility treatment program which includes general clinical, in vitro fertilization (IVF), ambulatory surgery suite and/or third-party reproduction.

The position is responsible for the clinical performance and evaluation of nursing care to patients/families seeking advanced reproductive services and infertility treatments primarily in the Farmington REI office [80%]. Also responsible for providing OR/PACU support in our Farmington based Ambulatory Surgery Center [20%].

80% REI Clinic Nurse in Farmington office

Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, patient history intake/ assessment and preparation, medication administration, lab assessment/data collection, IVF and ovulation induction preparation and monitoring, procedure performance or assistance, phlebotomy, patient teaching and follow-up, advanced telephone triage functions and some research functions. Participates in the development of patient teaching tools. Determines the need for first aide and emergency care and institutes within established protocols. Acts as liaison between patients, families and other health care professionals, maintains accurate record and documentation, monitors and orders supplies, performs QA functions as directed.

Assists with the orientation of new personnel and other clinical staff. Performs other related duties as requested.

20% OR/PACU Nurse in Farmington office Procedure Room


-Completes chart/anesthesia packet as per protocol including consent checks

-Assesses patient identity and performs procedure preparation as per protocol

-Properly positions patients for procedures

-Room set-up and break down

-Sterile field set-up and break down

-Block temperature check

-Physician assistance during procedure

-Assists anesthesiologist as needed

-Maintains/Completes documentation per protocol


-Assesses patient identity and performs procedure preparation

-Room set-up and breakdown

-Properly positions patient for procedure

-Assists physician with procedure and abdominal ultrasound

-Reviews post transfer instructions, prescriptions and requisitions with patient and enters into scheduling system as appropriate

-Assures patient discharge compliance

-Maintains/Completes documentation per protocol

Recovery Room

-Assesses patient identity and performs procedure preparation as per protocol

-Properly positions patients

-Performs recovery room set-up & breakdown

-May perform post anesthesia recovery and monitoring of patients within recovery room as per protocol

-Assesses and treats post procedure nausea and vomiting as per protocol and MD order

-Performs pain assessment and intervention management

-Reviews post retrieval instructions, requisitions, prescriptions with patient and enters into scheduling system as appropriate

-Assures patient discharge compliance

-Maintains/Completes documentation per protocol

Other Required Job Functions:

-Adheres to clinical and administrative protocols and procedures

-Performs allergy assessments

-Initiates latex allergy precautions and latex free protocol as needed

-Administers emergency care as needed

-Documents narcotics and medication administration per protocol

-Performs supply and inventory restock

-Adheres to red bag waste and sharps policies and protocols

-Checks, monitors emergency equipment as per protocol and documents

-Checks, monitors medication refrigerator as per protocol and documents

-Performs initial cleaning of equipment, instruments, and scopes as per protocol and procedure and in accordance with recommended practices

-Cleans instruments/probe/table/stretchers as per protocol

-Maintains surgical dress in procedure suite

-Correctly uses and /or assists with such procedure suite equipment: propac, oxygen flowmeter and delivery system, bairhugger, midmark patient stretcher, warming block, rocket suction, continuous suction, K pad, wheelchairs, Wallace catheters, Cook needles, autoclave, retrieval tray, transfer tray, stretcher, stirrups, narcotic cabinet, anesthesia cart, refrigerators, warming cabinet, procedure table, supply cabinet, ultrasound machine, anesthesia machine

-Completes mandatory training requirements within needed time frame

-Cross trains to other clinical areas of the Center (clinical and IVF including IUI, and physician assistance with intakes and procedures, etc.)

-Other related duties as assigned


Requirements include:

•Current CT RN license

•Minimum of 1-2 years OB/GYN or Women’s Health nursing experience

•Excellent interpersonal skills

•Effective written and oral communication skills

•Ability to multitask and focus on details

•Ability to commute easily between other CARS offices as needed

Preferred requirements include:

•Women’s Health ambulatory experience

•Labor and delivery (L&D) experience

•Phlebotomy skill

•IV start

•Care of the anesthetized patient

•ACLS/BCLA certification


Qualified candidates must be available for flexible hours based upon patient care and clinical needs of a growing infertility treatment program. Hours generally 8:00am to 5:00 pm or 7:30 to 4:30 pm with flexibility required Monday-Friday in Farmington clinic [80% role]. Every other weekend in Farmington OR/PACU [20% role] and rotational holidays included.