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Clinical Research (latest research)

Clinical research is an important component of the Center’s mission. Our clinical and laboratory staffs have initiated several research studies to answer many clinical questions. These studies help expand the scientific knowledge base and provide new technology to patients. Our clinical findings have been published in national journals and have played a role in advancing new knowledge to other Reproductive Medicine practices throughout the country. We are able to conduct this research only through the cooperation of our patients who are willing to participate in these studies. We dedicate all this advanced reproduction knowledge to them.

Current Research Being Done at the Center

Here are some of the exciting research projects taking place at the Center:

A double-blinded prospective randomized clinical trial comparing euploidy rates among embryos created from sibling oocytes injected with sperm processed by microfluidics or by density gradient centrifugation UCONN IRB #21-106R-1

Principal Investigator: Lawrence Engmann and Alison Bartolucci

This research is being conducted to determine if using a microfluidics chamber, a device used to process sperm, will be effective in improving the rates of embryos with normal chromosomes (structures that carry genetic information) during in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Recruitment for this study is closed.

Limiting The Number of Times We Look At Embryos in the IVF Lab IRB #16-192R-3

Principal Investigator: Alison Bartolucci

If you are a current or prospective patient of The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, we invite you to join this research effort. In our continued commitment to innovation in the treatment of infertility, The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services has created a research study that will help us determine whether minimal evaluations of the embryos, performed only at the day of the embryo transfer, rather than observations on multiple days, would improve the overall development rate of the embryos. We are looking for 200 women aged at 18-40 years old to participate in this study. To join this research study, please speak with your doctor or a member of the clinical team. Click here to download our flyer with more information.

Celmatix Research Registry and Repository IRB #15-072-2

Principal Investigator: Dr. John Nulsen

In our commitment to innovation in the treatment of infertility, The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services has partnered with Celmatix to create an ambitious research registry and repository that will help us understand the genetic factors that underlie both fertility potential and infertility. Your contribution to this national registry will help us get one step closer to understanding the drivers of fertility potential and infertility, and could help millions of women just like you.

To participate in this research, you will be asked to donate a blood sample during a routine blood draw and allow researchers to review your and possibly your partner’s relevant medical information. This information will be added to a registry that will be used to help discover genetic factors associated with a woman’s fertility.

Any woman between the ages of 18-45 may be eligible to participate, including those who are seeking fertility preservation and/or help conceiving. Enrollment in this study is voluntary and participation will come at no additional cost. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please speak with a member of the CARS clinical staff or call our research coordinator Dr. Evelyn Neuber at 844-467-3483 Ext: 8019 or M. Scott Yohe at 844-467-3483 Ext:8033.